Simple, wearable, 3-day insulin delivery, so you can
Enjoy More Moments and Miss Fewer Doses
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“It is our mission to provide multi-day, simple, wearable delivery devices that will improve the lives of people with diabetes by freeing them from insulin injections and enabling them to achieve control.”

Insulin Works

Insulin remains to be a critical therapy for the management of diabetes despite the introduction of novel therapies. A basal and mealtime insulin is often required to achieve glucose control. Intensifying insulin therapy is challenging because injections interfere with daily activities, discomfort from injection pain and embarrassment in public settings present barriers to people with diabetes. CeQur is working to provide simple alternatives to current insulin options.

“Research shows that the majority of people with type 2 diabetes on insulin therapy do not achieve good glycemic control — primarily due to barriers associated with multiple daily insulin injections.”

Julia Mader, M.D. of Medical University of Graz, Austria

Multiple Daily Injections

Insulin works, but managing diabetes can be difficult and when a person needs multiple daily injections it gets even more difficult. Finding a discreet location at the right time to take an insulin injection can add to the inconvenience.


Needles and pens can be awkward to carry, handle and use. Remembering to take them when you are on the go is another problem. CeQur is creating a platform of simple, wearable, 3-day insulin delivery devices.

HCP Partners

CeQur has a staff of diabetes experts who partner with leading experts in the diabetes care profession. We have partnered with them to combine our knowledge to develop care solutions focused on user requirements and treatment results.

About CeQur

CeQur (pronounced səˈkyo͝or) is dedicated to helping people with diabetes manage their disease by developing and commercializing simple drug delivery devices that can be easily integrated into daily life. The company has a platform of simple, wearable, 3-day devices.

The PAQ line of products, are wearable insulin delivery device used for 3 days at a time. Their simple, discreet design enables people to easily experience the benefits of intensive insulin therapy, while remaining free from the burdens of daily insulin injections. These devices allow a person to adminster bolus doses of insulin with a simple click on the device. This can be done over clothing, so there is no reason to step away from friends to discreetly deliver a dose or to carry, handle and dispose of needles. CeQur has completed clinical studies evaluating PAQ devices among people with type 2 diabetes with positive improvements in A1C results.

CeQur is headquartered in Horw, Switzerland, with operations in Cardiff, United Kingdom and Marlborough, Massachusetts.

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Global Headquarters

CeQur SA
Altsagenstrasse 5
6048 Horw
U.S. Operations

CeQur Corporation
734 Forest Street, Suite 100
Marlborough, MA 01752

Investor Relations

Douglas Gunthardt
EVP & Chief Financial Officer

Business Development

Jay Warner
SVP, Commercialization

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