CeQur is dedicated to helping people with diabetes manage their disease by developing and commercializing simple drug delivery devices that can be easily integrated into daily life. The company has a platform of simple, wearable, 3-day devices. 

PAQ, is a wearable insulin delivery device that delivers both basal and bolus insulin for 3 days at a time. Its simple, discreet design enables people to easily experience the benefits of intensive insulin therapy, while remaining free from the burdens of daily insulin injections. CeQur has completed clinical studies evaluating PAQ among people with type 2 diabetes with positive results. The company has advanced the technology to a commercial product obtaining a CE mark for PAQ in 2012.

In July 2018, CeQur acquired technology for a simple 3-day bolus insulin delivery device. This device allows a person to administer insulin in a simple, discreet way by clicking the two buttons.  This can be done over clothing, so there is no reason to step away from friends to discreetly deliver a dose. The 3-day bolus device is FDA cleared for adults requiring insulin and will be available in 2019. The device has been tested in three clinical studies demonstrated the device is safe and easy to use, with high patient satisfaction over daily injections and strong participant desire to stay on the wearable bolus device versus going back to injections.

CeQur is headquartered in Horw, Switzerland, with operations in Cardiff, United Kingdom and Marlborough, Massachusetts.