July 2018: CeQur Acquires Assets from Calibra Medical, Inc.

CeQur® today announced that the company has acquired select assets of Calibra Medical, Inc., one of the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies. The transaction includes an exclusive worldwide license for the wearable, on-demand insulin delivery system previously known as OneTouch Via™. The Calibra system enables people with diabetes to discreetly and conveniently deliver rapid-acting insulin at mealtime. 
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November 2016: CeQur Appoints Robert Farra Chief Executive Officer

Farra has a more than 30-year record of leading organizations in the development of novel products, including drug delivery devices, medical devices, and sensors in the diabetes, cardiac, and surgical fields. Prior to joining CeQur, he was with Microchips Biotech, a developer of wirelessly-enabled drug delivery and sensing implants, where he held senior roles including president, chief technology officer, and vice president of R&D. Farra has extensive expertise and medtech capabilities that are essential to CeQur, including electro-mechanical and fluidic- based medical devices, drug delivery technologies and automation equipment.
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June 2016: CeQur Wins Medtech Wearable Award at 2016 Tech Tour Healthtech Summit

The Healthtech Summit 2016 Advisory Board and Team reviewed a number of excellent nominations for the Digital Health and Medtech Award, and CeQur was honored to be selected as the Winner of the Medtech Award 2016; recognizing PAQ as a technology that will free many of those with type 2 diabetes from the burden of daily insulin injections!
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April 2016: CeQur Initiates Significant Facility Expansion in Marlborough

CeQur is doubling the size of its Marlborough facilities in preparation for the launch of PAQ®, the company's simple, three-day insulin infusion device.
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September 2015: CeQur Announces $100 Million Financing

CeQur will use the new funds to support further clinical and regulatory activities, manufacturing scale-up and commercial operations for the 2016 first commercial launch of PAQ®, the Company’s fully optimized second-generation three-day insulin infusion device.
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Health Tech Insider, May 2015: Device Delivers Insulin Automatically

This article highlights how CeQur's PAQ Simple Insulin Delivery Device can help address the barriers associated with daily insulin injection for people with type 2 diabetes. It includes a link to a video demonstrating how PAQ works. Copyright 2015 Center Ring Media LLC
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PMPS Spring 2015: Insulin Delivery Devices - An Interview with CeQur SVP Jay Warner

In the Spring 2015 PMPS magazine, Jay Warner answers questions about the future of simple and effective management of diabetes, including wearable technology and how PAQ fits into this category.
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WMCT, February 2014: Marlborough Company Makes Wearable Insulin Delivery Device

In a video interview CeQur's CEO Doug Lawrence and SVP Commercialization Jay Warner discuss the challenges of people with type 2 to manage daily insulin injections, how PAQ works to deliver insulin and investment opportunity.
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CeQur Named Among FierceMedicalDevices 2013 "Fierce 15"

Industry-leading organization and publication FierceMedicalDevices selected CeQur as one of 2013's “Fierce 15” device and diagnostic companies, designating the company as one of the most promising private companies in the med tech space. The publication evaluates companies from around the world for its annual list, which is based on factors including technology strength, partnerships, venture backers, and competitive market position. "We have the opportunity to … come in and target a space and make a huge difference in people's lives. It’s going to be a really big deal,” said CeQur CEO Jim Peterson in the resulting Fierce story.
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PAQ Named Among 2014 Top Tech on the Horizon

In its January 2014 issue, Diabetes Forecast selected PAQ among seven diabetes products that are "poised to make waves in the diabetes world." The magazine's annual consumer quide highlighted PAQ as a new option for people who "don't require the added features traditional pumps provide but whose blood glucose control might benefit from continuous insulin infusion."
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A Sweet Life Highlights PAQ

Diabetes blogger Alex O'Meara included PAQ among his list of highly anticipated diabetes advances for 2014. "The new technologies and treatments making their appearance in 214 means it will be an exciting year in diabetes care and management," Alex notes.
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MedGadget, June 2013: Continued Advancement for Diabetic Therapies – An Interview with CeQur SVP Jay Warner

CeQur Senior Vice President of Commercialization discusses why there is a substantial need for simple insulin delivery devices like PAQ, why PAQ is different than other insulin delivery and mentions the clinical data that has and will be released and future plans for the device.
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OneMedPlace, March 2013: Novel, Minimally Invasive Drug Delivery Platform for Continuous Administration of Insulin Indicated for Type 2 Diabetes.

In a video interview CeQur CEO Jim Peterson discusses the challenges of people with type 2 to manage daily insulin injections, how PAQ works to deliver insulin and investment opportunity.
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Start Up magazine, January 2010: CeQur makes the "A-List"

In this review of the 2009 biopharma financing environment, Start Up writers Christopher Morrison and Tom Salemi selected CeQur from among the 60 Series A financings that occurred last year as one of just 13 they consider "trend-shaping". Morrison and Salemi note that CeQur and its 12 "A-list" peers are companies to "keep an eye on in 2010 and beyond."
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Massachusetts Medical Device Journal, January 2010: Q&A with CeQur CEO Jim Peterson

CeQur CEO Jim Peterson discusses his personal ties to diabetes technologies, why CeQur is poised to be the leader in next-generation insulin delivery devices, and why the CeQur PAQ insulin infuser will provide a unique, simple solution to many of the treatment challenges faced by people with type II diabetes.
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