Introduction to Simple 3-Day Bolus Delivery

Simple 3-Day Bolus Deliery is a wearable insulin delivery device that delivers up to 3 days of on-demand mealtime bolus in 2 unit increments.

The very slim, plastic device is worn on the skin for up to three days. It can hold up to 200 units of fast-acting insulin and allows the wearer to take boluses in two-unit increments by pressing two buttons simultaneously. This can be done through clothing so no one can see when you’re dosing. The device is completely mechanical and requires no handheld controller, displays, batteries, or memory. A big highlight is its small size — it is just a quarter of an inch thick, two inches long, and one inch wide, making it much more discreet than traditional insulin pumps, pens or syringes. The device does not provide a basal rate of insulin, meaning those on multiple daily injections (MDI) still take their basal injection through their current method.

More information coming soon.